Alumni Career Coaching Program

Help your alumni find the right career fit

Is your department overwhelmed with demand for services from new and mid-career alumni who need extra support? Do you wish you could do more for alumni near and far to help them with their career advancement?revenue share

Consider an outsourced offering from Certified Career Coach Hallie Crawford that is easy to implement at no cost to you and provides a revenue sharing model for your department.

Our four-week webinar is offered in partnership with alumni associations and career centers to allow them to easily provide alumni near and far a chance to define their career direction and create a fulfilling, rewarding career.


  • Enhanced visibility of the alumni association – encourages association membership and participation.
  • Allows you to support those alumni (mid-career or otherwise) who require more intensive, one-on-one assistance.
  • visibilityEasy to set up and execute, handles the logistics during the program. The university handles the marketing.
  • Financial benefit. Alumni center receives a percentage of the revenue.


  • Accessibility and easy format: Four one-hour, small group coaching sessions (15 participants or less). Participants can call and login from anywhere.
  • One individual coaching session with group leader Hallie Crawford (30 minutes).
  • webinarWebinar recordings of group calls (if participants miss a call they can make it up).
  • Ideal Career Workbook (130 page workbook we use with all of our clients to walk participants through our Ideal Career Program).

Current Participating Schools

For the past 3 years, Alumni Associations like these have been utilizing the “Identify Your Ideal Career” Program:

vanderbilt     1.jpeguga-alumniemory-logo

Affordable Price Point
Exclusively for Alumni – $295

Valued at $499, this amazing program will enhance the services you are currently offering. It is available to University Alumni for just $295. This rate breaks down as: $30 per webinar, $100 for the workbook, and $75 for each individual coaching call.


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“Hallie is both creative and flexible, molding her curriculum to develop a series that met the needs of our organization and our alumni. The results were fantastic and speak for themselves – Every survey respondent who’d participated in the series indicated that they would recommend this program to a fellow alumnus interested in defining his/her ideal career path. Through this offering we were able to engage individuals who had not previously interacted with our career programs.”

Caroline Taylor Player
Former Director, Career Services Georgia Tech Alumni Association

What Others Are Saying About This Program

“The ideal career program was a great way for me to get my spark back. Though I may not be transitioning to a new role right away, I am able to take my lessons learned to build a robust development plan that will get me to the step in my career.” Marianna, GA

“Hallie’s coaching provides a valuable framework and tools needed to convert the possibility of a career change into actionable steps. Her engaging and motivational style provide the encouragement needed while working through the process. I recommend Hallie’s services to anyone who is thinking about making a career change but not sure where to begin.” W.C. Britt, GA

“I found so much value in taking time to think and evaluate what I wanted the next phase in my life and career to be. Hallie’s coaching and my interaction with the group made me realize what I had been overlooking in my race to get to this next phase. I strongly recommend this course to anyone in transition or just reevaluating their roles in their current careers.” Rosalinda Mendez, TX

“We spend so much of our life at work. The career coaching that Hallie provides helps you determine if you are spending that time wisely or letting it slip away. Hallie takes the nebulous process of determining your right career and breaks it into components that help lead to a concrete direction.” Brian Groves, GA