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Lara DeThomas Headshot

Education and Training

  • Master of Education (M.Ed.), National University
  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), English Language, San Diego State University
  • Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW)
  • Academic Curriculum Vitae (CV) Training, RiseSmart
  • Technical Resume Writing Training, RiseSmart
  • Executive Writers: Creating Executive Biographies, RiseSmart
  • LinkedIn Methodology For Resume Writers Training, Randstad USA
  • LinkedIn Fundamental Training, Randstad USA
  • LinkedIn For Executives Training, Randstad USA
  • LinkedIn Advanced Strategies Training, Randstad USA

Lara DeThomas
Resume & LinkedIn Writer

Lara DeThomas is an award-winning Certified Professional Résumé Writer (CPRW) and world-class LinkedIn Specialist. She leverages her academic background and extensive experience to help clients win new career opportunities, utilizing a highly individualized writing approach to aid job seekers.

Lara optimizes a technology-driven approach that accelerates the time to place candidates 60% faster than the national average through the deployment of disruptive applicant tracking system (ATS) techniques. Today, nearly 100% of résumés are scanned through applicant tracking systems and 75% are rejected; only allowing 25% of candidates through to be viewed by the human eye. Lara composes comprehensive résumés that enable clients to maximize the value of their talents and professional experience, while effectively progressing beyond parsing barriers.

Lara began her career as an Business Leadership Teacher with San Pasqual Academy. San Pasqual Academy was a first-in-the-nation residential education campus designed specifically for foster youth. It served as a placement option for dependents of the Juvenile Court, 12-17 years old. Through a public-private partnership between the San Diego County Office of Education and Access, Inc., she planned, developed, and launched the San Pasqual Academy’s first-ever work readiness training program (e.g., résumé development, interview preparation, job search skills, etc.) and guided foster youth through the program’s curriculum.

Lara founded Proper Résumés in 2005, a boutique writing firm that caters exclusively to clients seeking professional résumé or curriculum vitae (CV) writing services. As the Sole Proprietor of Proper Résumés, Lara has helped thousands of clients achieve exponential results by developing truly customized résumés that can beat any Application Tracking System (ATS), while still engaging recruiters and hiring managers. She has won large contracts and/or partnerships with Randstad, RiseSmart, Monster Worldwide, Wounded Warriors, and many more to provide distinct résumés to clients according to best practices. Additionally, Lara is extensively referred and sought after by “blue chip” Fortune 100 clients. Clients include: Walt Disney Company, Caterpillar, Intel, Cisco Systems, Oracle, General Dynamics, AIG, and Lockheed Martin, to name a few.

Lara has a master’s degree in Education from National University as well as her bachelor’s degree in English from San Diego State University. She resides in California with her husband and two sons.

Fun Facts About Lara

  • Lara was part of President George H. W. Bush’s Advanced and Motorcade Team. During her tenure, she had the unique opportunity to visit Former President Ronald Regan’s Rancho del Cielo or Sky’s Ranch in California, tour the destruction in Los Angeles after the infamous Los Angeles Riots, and see Air Force One and Marine One firsthand.
  • Lara has been the proud owner of four Golden Retrievers. Her very first Golden Retriever was named Bear, which she trained to become a service/pet therapy dog. Bear and Lara visited long-term patients in pediatric and convalescent hospitals for nearly a decade together.

“Wow! What a journey! I love the look and feel of my new resume. I received 2 hits within 15 minutes of posting my resume! Thank you soooooo much for helping me to land the job of my dreams.”

D. Bentley, Harker Heights, TX

Kenya Sabbat Headshot

Education and Training

  • Certified Professional Coach (CPC) certified through the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), an ICF accredited coaching certification program
  • Certified Advanced Resume Writer (CARW) through Career Directors International (CDI)
  • Certified Digital Career Strategist through the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches (PARWCC)
  • Master’s in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Argosy University
  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Southern University and A&M College

Kenya Sabbat
Certified Career Coach

Kenya’s passion for helping people grow professionally and personally in addition to her 18+ years of progressive experience in talent acquisition led her to spend the past 10 years serving professionals on all levels as a Career Coach. She helps clients in the areas of: career development, interviewing, resume writing, salary negotiating, creating and implementing job search strategies, getting promoted, overcoming performance issues, team-building, dealing with layoff and increasing employability.

Her talent acquisition experience provides her superb insight into the average hiring manager’s mindset. She has acted as a consultant and advisor for hiring managers of all levels, including executives, as well as a gatekeeper who determines which resumes make it to the decision maker’s desk.

Areas of Expertise Include

  • Career Coaching
  • Resume Writing
  • Outplacement Assistance
  • Career Development
  • Career Direction/Transition
  • Job Search Strategy
  • Interviewing Skills

Fun Facts About Kenya

  • She took on two large tractor trailer trucks and came out victorious (ask her for details).
  • Ten years ago, she created a personal goal of learning at least two different languages, although she admits that she has not made much progress in the past ten years.
  • She started her career coaching journey when she found herself stuck in an unsatisfying job and was faced with the decision of allowing someone else to determine her career path or taking her power back. So, she was her own first client.

“Wow! What a journey! I love the look and feel of my new resume. I received 2 hits within 15 minutes of posting my resume! Thank you soooooo much for helping me to land the job of my dreams.”

D. Bentley, Harker Heights, TX

Tiffani Martin Headshot

Education and Training

  • M.N.S. and B.S. from Southeast Missouri State University
  • Certified Life Coach (Career Coaching Emphasis)
  • Transformation Academy (Accredited by Continuing Professional Development Standards Agency)
  • 7 Habits of Highly Successful People
  • Emotional Intelligence for Supervisors

Tiffani Martin
Certified Career Coach

With over 10 years of experience in human resources and career counseling, Tiffani views the dreaded “career shift’ as a positive choice, one that will ultimately bring more fulfillment and a greater sense of achievement to those who pursue it. When she made her own shift years ago, it took effort but she persevered. Today, Tiffani knows that if she hadn’t been faced with the unpleasant realization that her career wasn’t going where she wanted it to, she might never have found her true calling as a career coach.

Tiffani has a bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Southeast Missouri State University. Her work in the public sector (government) and in higher education as a career advisor, coupled with her experience in human resources enables her to bring a clear understanding of the inner workings of many industries to her role at Create Your Career Path. Her connection to science remains strong and provides a an additional advantage to clients in fields such as engineering, medicine, research, conservation, and technology.

Tiffani’s coaching style is a unique combination of a holistic and “big picture” approach to counseling. She encourages her clients to explore their past and present work experiences in order to help guide them to their future. This big picture approach ensures that the client addresses every challenge they face, and Tiffani makes effective use of her personal experience, knowledge, and compassionate nature to help her clients take a step back to allow them to broaden their focus.

Tiffani also strives to coach the entire person, not just a small part. Changing careers is about so much more than just acquiring a new job title. There are many aspects of the process that affect various parts of a client’s life in both positive and negative ways. Tiffani provides support where it’s needed, even if that doesn’t fall into the traditional scope of “career coaching.”

Tiffani is a huge advocate for the use of the Strengthsfinder assessment, and Holland’s six personality types as they relate to the work environment to help clients discover their true career path. She guides her clients through this discovery process to aid them in better understanding their wants and needs in the workplace.

Fun Facts About Tiffani

  • Tiffani has 2 craft rooms in her home in Columbia, Missouri. She is an avid crafter and is always trying new projects in her spare time.
  • She has two children and several furry children as well.
  • Prior to the pandemic, Tiffani was well known throughout her circle of friends as the party planner of the group. She has hosted yearly Halloween parties that require 2-3 months of advance preparation. Each party was themed and included handmade decorations, a carefully planned menu, and original games and activities for the kids. She brings this great sense of humor, ability to manage projects incredibly effectively, and detail oriented personality to her coaching.

“I believe that Tiffani Martin definitely made a substantial contribution to my career goals. I came into our sessions rather reticent about pursuing my ideal career path and feeling uncertain about how “reasonable” the idea of it may be. After taking sessions with Tiffani, bouncing ideas off her, and brainstorming, it became obvious that my doubts were unfounded. She was able to add a voice of reason and a touch of “you got this!” It made a big difference in how realistic I felt my goals were. And the fact that she herself has been through a career transition gave her some insight that helped me model some of the actions she took to make her own career transition.”

Anitra, Chicago, IL

Hallie Crawford Headshot

Education and Training

  • Certified Coach, Coaches Training Institute
  • BS Communications, Vanderbilt University
  • MA Communications, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Member, International Coach Federation
  • 2009 & 2007 Board Member, Georgia Coaches Association
  • Trained in EFT: the Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Completed The Inside Team Intensive: Coach training for advanced coaches, The Coaches Studio
  • Certified Career Coach, Author and Speaker
  • Scholarship to National Training Labs “Experiential Education” seminar

Hallie Crawford
Certified Career Coach & Founder

Finding the right job can be exciting, and sometimes very exasperating as well. Hallie Crawford knows because she’s “been there, done that.”

Hallie was lost in her career and jumped around from one job to another in a variety of fields, trying to find something that satisfied her. She knows her parents worried, and other people kept asking what she wanted to do, but Hallie couldn’t answer them because she didn’t know. 

As she moved from job to job, Hallie felt like all she did was identify what she didn’t what to do instead of what she did want. She recalls it was all very frustrating. 

However, somewhere along the way, it dawned on Hallie that she probably wasn’t the only one trying to find a fulfilling career. Others were undoubtedly experiencing the same thing. That’s when it hit her! Hallie knew what she wanted to do! Hallie wanted to help others avoid the struggle she was going through, especially young adults who were going through a career transition. She wanted to become a Career Coach. 

It took a few years, but Hallie finally became a certified coach through the Coaches Training Institute, and she loves it! Hallie found her passion. 

In 2002, Hallie established Create Your Career Path and since then, her practice has grown by leaps and bounds. This validated what she knew all along – that others were seeking to find that ideal job, that perfect career, that rewarding profession. 

Hallie lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with her son Vaughn. When she’s not helping clients in their career search, she’s out horseback riding or traveling.

“I’ve developed not only professionally, but also personally. I’ve learned more about myself during this process than I even dreamed possible. Your unique process and rather ingenious way of allowing someone to view themselves and their own ideas helped me tremendously. I feel so much better prepared to make my career choices; not only am I confident in my decisions, but they are genuinely what I want–it’s like my subconscious mind and my heart were both tapped into!”

Andrea E., Dallas, TX

Emma Fernandez Headshot

Fun Facts About Emma

  • Her favorite place to be is by the ocean.
  • Emma learned how to read when she was four and has enjoyed reading ever since.
  • She loves languages. She has studied a wide range of languages including French, Russian, and American Sign Language. She is fluent in Spanish and Haitian Creole.
  • Emma is originally from Southwestern Michigan and currently lives with her husband Javier in the Dominican Republic.

Emma Fernandez
Project & Content Manager

Emma has over 10 years of experience in management. With a background in business and financial management, she is a skilled and diligent professional whose attention to detail allows her to provide the best service possible to her team and customers. She is flexible and knowledgeable in a variety of departments including data entry, bookkeeping, research and human resources. She is able to adapt seamlessly to constantly evolving processes and technologies.

Emma oversees and edits the content for blogs, articles, and products.

She coordinates our alumni events for universities, including webinars and in-person workshops. She also manages administrative and marketing tasks for customers and prospects. Emma adeptly works with the media managing our media appearances. Emma works remotely, which means she has proven her prompt communication skills and ability to follow through to ensure the job gets done – no matter her location.