Emma Luttrell

Career Coach and MSW

Emma is a highly experienced career coach who understands the struggles of career direction, job search, and work performance because she’s been there herself.

After spending years working in jobs she found unfulfilling, Emma knew she needed to make a change. Through her own journey of self-exploration, Emma realized that her true purpose was helping others with the same struggles she went through, and as a result, she decided to pursue career coaching.

With both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in social work, Emma combines her therapy background, her compassionate yet driven coaching style, and her understanding of working alongside and guiding others to provide quality-driven coaching results. Emma has worked with clients from a variety of backgrounds, including creative professionals, entrepreneurs, those transitioning careers or re-entering the workforce, those in the non-profit and mental health sectors, and many others. Emma’s coaching style is collaborative, results-driven, and focuses on each client’s individual needs. Emma lives in Tennessee with her boyfriend and golden retriever. When she’s not coaching, Emma is travelling, baking, or spending time with her friends and family.

Professional Degrees

  • Bachelor’s of Science-Social Work-University of Tennessee Knoxville
  • Master’s of Science-Social Work-University of Tennessee Knoxville

“Emma is the perfect combination of a kind and uplifting guide plus a focused and intelligent teacher. She steadied me through business and career maneuvers and had insights when I though there would be nothing new to discover. Each time I walked away from a meeting with Emma I was left with a renewed passion for carrying on, along with a new tactic or approach to try. She’s a great listener, a great coach, and a great person all around.” S. Knapp, Tennessee

“When Emma and I started working together, I knew which direction I wanted to grow in, but I wasn’t sure how I would be able to achieve the vision I had for myself. The number one return on our relationship as client-coach was clarity. I shared my vision with her, and she helped me clarify the steps I needed to take to get there. The clarity really fueled me to take massive action toward my vision.” C. Pearson, Texas

“Emma’s coaching was invaluable. On countless occasions, she has helped me uncover areas where I experienced thinking traps or negative mindsets. She helped me recognize my achievements and enabled me to be more confident in those achievements. Emma also offered resources and tools to help me get out of my own way so I could reach my aggressive goals. Each month, I looked forward to our sessions because it’s a mental sprint for me that helps me catapult into the next set of goals.” V. Chestnut, Washington, D.C.

Jasmine Marchong

Resume & LinkedIn Writer

Jasmine Marchong is a professional resume writer and has been writing resumes for over eight years. An Engineer by background, as well as an aspiring artist, she has found that blending her technical and investigative skills as an engineer, together with her artistic flare, has proven to be a great combination and asset in helping her develop unique résumés that make an impression.

Jasmine knows that tackling one’s own resume can be a challenge, simply because it can be difficult to view your own experience with unbiased eyes. Throughout the years, she has helped individuals get noticed, and as a result get an interview! Jasmine has provided her clients an unbiased opinion, worked with them to uncover their skills, expertise, and successes, and expertly present their career in a sensational résumé.

Jasmine lives in Michigan with her husband and three children. Originally a native from the Caribbean island of Trinidad, Jasmine enjoys good food, sunshine, sandy beaches, and a good book.

Education and Training

  • Member – The NRWA (The National Resume Writers Association)
  • Member – The PARW/CC (Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches)
  • Former Region Four Representative, 2010 – The NRWA
  • Electrical Engineering Technology, Controls Major – Mohawk College, Ontario, Canada

“Expert. The service, the guide, and the understanding of how to use different resume types was very helpful. You provided information that no one else took the time to notice or speak of. I was glad I was given a thorough understanding of what was expected from the service and myself. I appreciate the tips and effort taken to create my resume. I felt like my resume was being tailored-made and designed with time and patience. I appreciate the fact that the service was not generic.” S.M., Administrator

“Jasmine’s resumes and cover letters are amazing! She has done a resume for every member of our family: one for my son, who is just starting college, for my husband, who is an experienced professional, and for myself, a woman who is reentering the workforce. Each was unique and specific to each individual. She has a special talent for her work. We are so happy to have found her! We highly recommend her for all your professional writer needs. You will not be disappointed.” J.P., Educator

“Jasmine did an outstanding job on writing my resume, however it was her approach to this process that really sets Jasmine apart from the rest. She spent the necessary time to interview me and find out all of the small details to create an accurate picture which now includes many aspects of my career that I had previously overlooked. Her experience as an engineer gives her the background to use a methodical approach to her interview style as well as giving her a clear understanding of industry giving Jasmine the knowledge of what to ask in order to get detailed results. I feel that my resume now tells my potential employers what I want to say, something it just didn’t do before. Thank you Jasmine for an excellent job at a great value!!!”  G.P., Sales Professional

Jackie Brown

Resume & LinkedIn Writer

A retired military service member, Jackie has over 25 years experience in writing job descriptions, evaluations, and awards. As a result, she has developed highly successful resumes for all fields, levels of work experience, and employment situations. Her military leadership experience helped her to hone her passion—helping others to reach their potential.

Jackie’s passion and mission is to provide a guiding light to job seekers and career changers as they navigate the waters of an ever-changing world of work. She is committed to producing quality documents that will best promote each client’s skillset in such a manner that makes their resumes stand up and command the attention that it deserves!

Whether you earn $100,000+ or $10,000 you want to find career a career or job that is challenging, fulfilling and meaningful. We all want career satisfaction. Jackie’s job is to help you identify your career direction, polish the impression you will make and guide you in marketing your strengths and value.

Jackie lives in Augusta, Georgia, with her husband, Chuck. Her hobbies include meeting people, traveling, and reading.

“Thank you for all of your hard work. You made me look great! Most of all, you’ve provided inspiration that motivates me and makes me feel like I can accomplish anything. You have been wonderful. I remain grateful.” B. Rushing; Pasadena, CA

“Jackie Brown made it possible for me project my skills and qualifications in a manner that caught the attention of my current employer. Because of the resume service provided by Mrs. Brown, I’ve been referred to jobs that I didn’t think I was capable of obtaining. I am currently interviewing for a business operations analysis position.  I know that without her career guidance and motivation I would not be interviewing for a position that will give me added responsibilities and a significant increase in my salary.” C. McQueen; East Point, GA

“Wow! I love the look and feel of my new resume. I received 2 hits within 15 minutes of posting it!  Thank you soooooo much for helping me land the job of my dreams…” D. Bentley; Harker Heights, TX

Hallie Crawford

Certified Career Coach & Founder

Finding the right job can be exciting, and sometimes very exasperating as well. I know, because “I’ve been there, done that”.

I was lost in my career and I jumped around from one job to another in a variety of fields, trying to find something that satisfied me. I know my parents were worried. Other people kept asking me what I wanted to do, but I couldn’t answer them. I didn’t know!

As I moved from job to job, I felt like all I was doing was identifying what I didn’t want to do instead of what I did want. It was all very frustrating.

Somewhere along the way, it dawned on me that I probably wasn’t the only one trying to find a fulfilling career. Others were undoubtedly experiencing the same thing. That’s when it hit me! This is what I wanted to do! I wanted to help others avoid the struggle I was going through, especially young adults who were going through a career transition. I wanted to be a Career Coach.

It took a few years, but I finally became a certified coach through the Coaches Training Institute. And I love it! I’ve found my passion.

In 2002, I established HallieCrawford.com and since then, my practice has grown by leaps and bounds. This validated what I knew all along – that others were seeking to find that ideal job, that perfect career, that rewarding profession.

I live in Atlanta, Georgia, with my son Vaughn. When I’m not helping clients in their career search, I’m out horseback riding or traveling.


  • Certified Coach, Coaches Training Institute
  • BS Communications, Vanderbilt University
  • MA Communications, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Member, International Coach Federation
  • 2009 & 2007 Board Member, Georgia Coaches Association
  • Trained in EFT: the Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Completed The Inside Team Intensive: Coach training for advanced coaches, The Coaches Studio
  • Certified Career Coach, Author and Speaker
  • Scholarship to National Training Labs “Experiential Education” seminar

“I made the best decision in my professional career to work with HallieCrawford.com. I am now coming up on 1 year and 4 months with my new company and I have never been this happy for this long in a job. This is truly the career I have been looking for and you helped me to find and realize it. Thank you again for all that you have done for me.” S. Carpien, Winston-Salem, NC

“Taking the coaching class with HallieCrawford.com has changed my life.” C. Brown, Chicago, IL

“Thanks to the help and guidance I received from HallieCrawford.com, I was able to increase my sales by 27% and receive 2 consecutive sales bonuses, something I have never done in the 5 years I have been in sales. B. Warda, Sales Executive, Chicago, IL

I’ve developed not only professionally, but also personally. I’ve learned more about myself during this process than I even dreamed possible. Your unique process and rather ingenious way of allowing someone to view themselves and their own ideas helped me tremendously. I feel so much better prepared to make my career choices; not only am I confident in my decisions, but they are genuinely what I want–its like my subconscious mind and my heart were both tapped into!” Andrea E., Dallas, TX

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Emma Fernandez

Project and Content Manager

Emma oversees and edits the content for HallieCrawford.com blogs, articles, and products. She coordinates Hallie’s alumni events for universities and manages administrative and marketing tasks for customers and prospects. Emma also adeptly works with the media managing Hallie’s media appearance. Originally from Michigan, Emma lives with her husband Javier in the Dominican Republic.

Maureen McHale

Marketing Director

With over 3 decades of B2B and B2C marketing experience, Maureen has real-life, in-the-trenches business acumen and a passion for taking businesses to the next level. Working with the best and brightest, Maureen specializes in all forms of digital marketing involving content, SEO, SEM, social media, video creation and website design and development for an eclectic mix of industries including career coaching, chemical, construction, financial, funeral, solar, travel and more.

During her career as a marketing expert, Maureen has launched up sell and stand-alone products and companies, directed public relations activities to bring national attention to companies through select media such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, CNNfn, INC Magazine and other top media, and created all forms of marketing and advertising content including, but not limited to: website, print and enewsletters, email and dialer campaigns, radio and tv advertisements, social media, branding and educational video and feature articles for targeted publications. Maureen oversees all marketing efforts and implementation for HallieCrawford.com.

Maureen lives near Savannah, Georgia with her husband Craig and her spoiled dog, Daisy. She enjoys being outdoors, traveling and shelling in Sanibel Island.

How a Professional Career Coach Can Help Boost Your Career

In the professional world, with the lack of formal mentoring programs in place at many organizations, business professionals can feel they do not receive the support they need to move forward in their careers. While it’s thrilling to make it to the next level in your profession, the process of achieving professional goals or implementing any kind of career change can be difficult and stressful even for the most seasoned worker. Getting to the next level in your career can feel overwhelming. During those stressful times a support system is critical. When it comes to boosting your career, having a professional career coach at your side can be a key element to your support system. A professional career coach can make the difference between achieving your career goals or falling short of them. With career coaches playing such an important role in career development, it’s surprising yet understandable that many business professionals and executives don’t know the benefits of having a career coach because too many people don’t have a coach personally or through their organization. If you don’t have access to a coach through your company, it’s important to invest in yourself and your career on your own if you can. Here are a few of the ways a career coach can help you boost your career.

What is professional career coaching?

A career coach is someone who works with you to help you make informed, strategic decisions about your career path and professional development.

They can also provide you with various business tools to help you in the process, such as resumes, job search, social media profiles, and more. However, an experienced career coach doesn’t just make your career decisions for you. They will support you in making your own informed decisions based on what works best for you and your situation. And, they help you to learn about who you are at your core to help you decide what you want out of your professional life long term. Because it can be a holistic process, it takes time. Many people feel that after one session and a revised resume they will be set to take on the business world. But really, coaching is more complex than that. A good coach knows that you need to understand yourself and what success means to you first before you can decide what you want out of your career path. A professional career coach should help you feel more confident about your professional future as well as understand how to craft it so it’s fulfilling and rewarding for you. Make sure you are willing to be a participant in the process, and not just receive information. To get ahead in the business world requires hard work, so view your career coach as a team player who will push you to be your best and require you to take tangible action steps towards your goals consistently.

What can you discuss with a career coach?

Let your career coach know right away what you want to achieve from your working together. Be as specific as possible.

Set several goals. Tangible as well as intangible ones. For example you might say, “ability to manage my team more effectively,” “greater confidence to speak to my boss about moving to the next level in my career,” “finding a long-term career path for my needs,” or, “how to effectively network in my industry.” This will help your career coach know how to gear your sessions to a specific need or goal. Keep in mind that your coach will need to get to know you first to correctly assess your coaching needs and advise you. They may discover something that you may need help with that you didn’t realize in advance. Before you start your sessions with a career coach, make a list of things you would like to improve on in your professional life so that you won’t forget to bring them up in session. Send the list to your career coach so that your coaching can be as personalized as possible. Career coaches cannot read your mind, so be honest with them. Most coaches will provide you with an initial questionnaire prior to working together, to help you assess your goals and allow them to get to know you.

How can they help with strategic career planning?

Professional career coaching can help you develop your long-term career plan. This means determining where you want to be in one, three, and five years from now.

Your career coach should help you discover your career vision by starting with your five-year goal and work backwards to determine what steps you will have to take to achieve that goal. This involves discovering who you are, where you are going, and how you will get there. Here at halliecrawford.com, we use our Ideal Career Model to help clients identify key elements to lay a solid foundation for your career future. A professional career coach will help you determine if you are using your talents at work, and how your work is affecting your personal life to ensure happiness and fulfillment. They will also help you to identify opportunities in your current job to learn more about your field and build transferable skills, making you a more valuable employee. Your career coach can also help you to build a good relationship with your superiors and/or employees by helping you see where you could collaborate more effectively in the workplace.

How does career coaching work?

Remember that you are ultimately in charge of your career and your success.

Although a career coach can give your advice and pointers, it is up to you to put their suggestions into practice. Many career coaches work with clients remotely over the phone or via Skype for example, although if you are working with a local career coach you could meet in person as well. See our local career coach article for more details on how to work with a local career coach effectively. Depending on your end goal, your coach will suggest and schedule a certain amount of sessions with you, although with many coaches they can be adjusted as needed (some require a set package of a certain number of sessions, others do not). They will also provide you with materials and assignments to work on between coaching sessions. Most career coaches allow you to contact them in-between sessions if you have questions about your assignments or materials, or if something else urgent comes up. However, make sure to respect their time, not taking advantage of their willingness to help clients. Be reasonable. Assignments and materials generally involve things that will help you to discover and build your personal brand. A good career coach will also get you out of your comfort zone by helping you to take calculated risks in your career.

Consider professional career coaching with HallieCrawford.com. If you are searching for a professional career coach, make sure that Hallie Crawford’s team is on your list. We are different from other career coaching organizations because we use a holistic process to help you discover who you are as a person and a career that you will happy with long-term. We have a tried and tested process that has a 90% satisfaction rate, and we are flexible with our process to make sure that the tools we use are benefitting our client’s personal needs. All of our coaches have had successful careers before becoming career coaches, so they have a vast knowledge of the business world and tips to help you be successful.

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