What To Do When Networking Goes Wrong

What to Do When Networking Goes Wrong

As we all know, a critical piece to your job search strategy is networking. And a great way to network is by talking to people you already know: friends, family, those in your gym class or a social club, for example. This can generate opportunities, which is great, but what…

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How To Network Anywhere

How to Network Anywhere

Networking is an important part of our professional growth. Sometimes we don’t take advantage of all of the opportunities we have to network, and sometimes we don’t realize that they are opportunities. But really, there are opportunities for networking everywhere. People are learning that you don't have to wait for…

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How To Network At Big Events

How to Network at Big Events

Networking at large events is essential for making new connections, but it can seem overwhelming if you don’t know anyone in the room and it’s a very large event. It can also seem like an insurmountable challenge if you are more introverted than extroverted. So, how can you make a…

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For New Networkers: How To Establish Solid Connections

For New Networkers: How to Establish Solid Connections

Hallie’s latest US News article discusses three important ways you can establish solid networking connections. While the article is primarily for those new to networking, the principles discussed can help all of us as we continue to build and expand our networks.  Networking is about establishing connections and creating new…

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Tips For Participating In Online Networking

Tips for Participating in Online Networking

If you are unsure how to get involved in online networking groups, here are a few tips to get you started: Join networks that contain a cross-representation of related professionals. Let's say you're a web designer by trade. Your ideal networking group might consist of entrepreneurs from a variety of…

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Tips For Networking During Your Job Search

Tips for Networking During Your Job Search

In this electronic age, networking has taken on a whole new meaning—reaching people around the globe is mastered with a keystroke. Job search networking is important and you can take advantage of this. You never know when someone State-side is about to take a position overseas, or vice versa. Nor…

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Three Reasons To Work On YOUR Brand

Three Reasons to Work on YOUR Brand

Networking can be a critical piece to helping you build your brand. Usually people only think of networking as a tool for their job search but, that’s not the only time networking can be useful. In a recent article and radio interview with localjobnetwork.com, Hallie Crawford, Certified Career Coach, discusses…

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