I once worked for a Managing Partner at one of the Big 4 consulting firms. He was a great speaker and in one of his speeches he told us that he looked in the mirror every day and asked, “Have I been the best I could be today?” That simple but loaded question has stayed with me to this day. It begs the question though of what is your definition of “best.”

Here are ten questions to ponder:

  1. be-your-best  What are your values – your moral compass?  Have you honored them today?
  2.   What are your strengths – did you use them today?
  3.   Have you pushed yourself outside your comfort zone by learning something new?
  4.   Have you helped another person learn and grow?
  5.   Did you connect with someone today just to further build your relationship with them?
  6.   Did you accomplish a goal today?
  7.   Did you take time to nourish yourself – physically, mentally, emotionally?
  8.   Did you show empathy for someone today?
  9.   Did you laugh?
  10.   Were you able to feel a sense of accomplishment?

Being your best each day is a great motivation for embracing the world and giving it a gift… which is you. Sometimes during our careers, we forget that we play a vital role in our organization’s success. If every single employee did their best every day, we’d have companies performing at the highest levels. And, there would be a lot more happy campers!

We hope this is helpful to you!

Katie Weiser, Career Coach