A Career Coach’s Expert Guide on How to Answer the Top 20 Interview Questions

Your resume got you in the door or someone referred you to the perfect job. That is great! But, all of a sudden that sinking feeling begins to set in because the interview date is fast approaching. You wonder what questions are going to be asked, how to best represent yourself, how to prepare, how to reduce your anxiety, how to follow-up. How do you get job interview ready? Katie Weiser’s Answers to the Top 20 Interview Questions will help you to:

  • Understand the interview process (interview formats, methods, questions, research).
  • Know what you offer (strengths, brand, what you bring to the role).
  • Capture your success stories using the STAR method.
  • Know in advance what the Top 20 questions are so you aren’t struggling for answers.
  • Gain insight into why the questions are asked.
  • Read examples of actual client answers that got them the job.
  • Create your own answers on the free downloadable fill-in-the blank COMPANION GUIDE ANSWER TEMPLATES for each of the Top 20 questions.
  • Reduce stress and become more confident in your interview.

The time you devote to reading this book and crafting your own answers will provide you with a winning approach to make you a top candidate.

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Answers to the Top 20 Interview Questions: Conquering the Job Interview Process
Book Testimonials
This book is essential for everyone involved in the hiring process. As a job seeker, it provides peace of mind knowing that you are prepared for that big interview. As a hiring manager, this book provides great insight to improve your hiring process." - Amazon customer
“Real help for the real world. A solid guide for anyone who wants to improve their odds of getting the job they have always wanted. - B.L.D.
"Finally, a book that has the interview process explained simply and tells you what questions may be asked. This book is very insightful and gave me confidence." - Diane C
“A great find! If you want to be ready for your next job interview, don't go further.” - Valerie F