The pandemic put a hold on many people’s career aspirations, to say the least. However, looking post-COVID, we feel you have good reasons to be optimistic because new and exciting career opportunities are on the horizon as we move into a new normal. If you are a mid-career professional who no longer feels challenged in your current position; and you are ready to take your career to the next level, the time is now!

As you know, your resume is an important branding document that can help you to take the next step in your career to get to the next level. We care about your success and career satisfaction so we wanted to share three tips that can help you present your best self on your resume.

Highlight your transferable skills. Moving to the next level in your career will mean some type of change in your job description whether it’s large or small. Keep in mind that although you may not have all of the skills required for your next desired position, we still want you to go for it so take some time to consider how you can get those skills and if you have transferable skills that would be relevant. These can be skills or past experiences that you have attained in a paid position, in your personal life, or elsewhere like volunteer work or serving on a board.

Promote your best self. Many professionals struggle with self-promotion and tend to downplay their accomplishments. If you don’t present your best self on your resume, this will hurt your chances of getting that next position. We recommend creating a powerful summary statement that explains why you are qualified for the position with a list of qualifications at the top of your resume to enhance your document.

Relevant content. It’s also important to make sure that your experience is relevant to the job you want. If your resume content isn’t relevant, you could miss out on getting to the next level. Go through the job description and note the important keywords that are listed. Then, make sure that your experience expands on those keywords. Make sure that all of the content is relevant to the position you want to move into. Remember you resume isn’t everything plus the kitchen sink 🙂

Once your resume is finalized, schedule a meeting with your manager to provide them with a copy. Let them know about your goals and be open to any feedback. Even if the position you want still isn’t open due to COVID restrictions, they will have your resume on file for opportunities post-COVID.

We also recommend that you give a copy of your resume to those you conduct informational interviews with. While they aren’t the same as a job interview, unexpected opportunities may arise after those interviews, so it’s helpful for them to have your resume on hand. Life is too short to stay in a job you don’t enjoy. Utilize your resume to put your best foot forward in your job search and on your career path.

Need more help? Let’s talk about additional ways we can help you with your career goals. Schedule a consult today.