How do you feel about working remotely? Some of our clients feel like they can get a lot more done from home, but the majority of professionals find working remotely challenging. While it’s true that we are starting to get used to our new normality, just “getting by” doesn’t provide much fulfillment. So how can you find fulfillment even while working from home?

If you don’t feel fulfilled now that you are working from home, this will cause you to dread going to work, even if it’s just moving from the kitchen to your home office. No one should dread getting out of bed in the morning to go to work. We understand this challenge because we have been there ourselves. We help mid-career professionals like you every day with this issue. We want to share three tips to help you jumpstart your career fulfillment.

Honor your values. Many times a lack of fulfillment at work comes from not honoring our values. It’s important to identify your top three career values. If you aren’t sure what they are, take some time to unearth what they are. To help you, think about things that you disapprove of. What are the opposite values of those things? Once you know what your values are, determine how you honor those values more fully while working from home. Set 1-2 goals for yourself to get started this week.

Identify what tasks you enjoy. Just because you are good at a task doesn’t mean you necessarily enjoy it. What aspects of your remote job do you enjoy? Once you know what tasks you enjoy, determine if you can make some changes to your workflow during the week that can help you find greater fulfillment. Would you like to start your day or even your week with the tasks that you enjoy? Would you rather finish the week with those things? If needed, discuss your current workflow with your boss and provide a modified schedule to your tasks.

Challenge yourself. Another factor to job dissatisfaction is because we do the same tasks repeatedly on autopilot, causing burnout and boredom. Find ways to challenge yourself on a regular basis while working from home. For example, you can volunteer to take on a project that you wouldn’t normally work on or take a class on LinkedIn Learning to sharpen a certain skill. You may also find it helpful to learn something new that isn’t related to your career at all! You could consider a hobby or a cooking class. Many times doing something totally different is refreshing and can even help us discover new processes that we can actually incorporate into our current industries. If after implementing all of these tips, you still aren’t feeling fulfilled in your career, you may need to take more drastic action. Talk to us to learn how we can help you find the right career fit: schedule a free consult.