How do you feel about your career? The pandemic has caused many professionals to re-evaluate their career choices. In fact, so many professionals are considering quitting their jobs post-COVID that economists are calling it “the Great Resignation.” When evaluating your own career direction, what are some important factors to keep in mind?

We understand this issue and help mid-career professionals like you every day. In fact, we have an Ideal Career Model that we use to help professionals evaluate their career directions. We want to share some of the important pieces on our model to help you get started with your own career evaluation because we truly care.

Fulfillment. When evaluating your career, it’s important to identify if it brings you fulfillment, or a sense of accomplishment. This will give you the greatest clarity about your overall career direction. Too many professionals end up in careers they don’t truly enjoy because they have not clarified what truly gives them a sense of meaning. Fulfillment is directly linked to your values. To identify your values, there are a few easy exercises that can help. First, think about a peak experience in life and write down what about it made you feel happy and successful. Next, think about and write down what irritates you and what would be the contrast of that quality or situation. Finally, identify the things that are essential to your life and jot those down as well.

Strengths. Another element that can help you evaluate your career direction is if you are using your strengths regularly. A strength is something that comes to you naturally as opposed to a skill that can be learned. What strengths are you currently using in your career? Are they strengths that you enjoy and want to use regularly? If you aren’t sure what your strengths are, talk to a friend or family member who can help identify what comes naturally to you. You can also consider taking a strengths assessment for additional insight.

Work environment. Our work environment to our career success. Even if you like the work, if the work environment isn’t a good fit, you won’t feel fulfilled. This is a big reason many professionals are looking to change jobs post-COVID. Many professionals realized that their work environment was not promoting the work-life balance that they desire. When evaluating your career direction, ask yourself: Does the work environment fit your personality type? Do your values align with the company’s values? Have you felt supported during the pandemic? What does your ideal day at work look like and how does it compare to your current day at work?

It’s also important to consider where your current career direction is taking you. Will it lead you to the role you want in the future? The pandemic may have changed what is possible for you, perhaps even opening up new career opportunities post-COVID. Taking the time to evaluate your career direction will help you find deeper meaning for your career and your life.

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