10 Tips to Help You Unplug on Your Next Vacation (Part 2)

unplugHallie was honored to be featured in a recent Glamour.com article about how to unplug on vacation. As a follow up to this article, we wanted to share some additional tips with you.

  • Before you go on vacation, take 15-20 minutes to clean up and organize your workplace. You will thank yourself when you come back to work and find a clean and tidy office.
  • Decide if you will work on vacation. Before you go on vacation, talk to your family or significant other about if and how much time you will dedicate to work while on vacation. You may find that it would be easier to keep up with work if you spend some time on work in the evenings or early morning. However, once you decide on a schedule, stick to it.
  • Try an automated email. Create an automated email if you feel it would be helpful. Extending the dates by 1-2 days will give yourself some time to get back to work and into your workflow without the pressure of everyone wanting to hear back from you. Even if you decide to check emails while you are on vacation, this will alleviate pressure so that no one will be expecting to hear from you immediately.