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Define Your Dream Job with Affordable Career Coaching

Determine Your Ideal Career Path in Our Most Popular Program Which Combines the Benefits of Individual Coaching With Group Support

Our small and dynamic coaching groups are one of our most popular and affordable coaching options because they combine personalized attention through 1-1 coaching sessions and support, feedback and advice from multiple sources in our interactive group coaching calls.

Our Group Coaching Program Includes

Group coaching sessions 
Over the phone, small  groups (6 people or less), attend on your lunch hour.
Unlimited individual laser coaching sessions 
Coaching sessions as needed between calls with Hallie.
Audio recordings of group calls
If you miss one you can make it up.
Ideal Career Workbook 
120 page workbook we use with all of our clients to walk you through our ideal career program.
Online Career Center Membership
Complimentary membership in our career center which includes a live online discussion forum.
Session notes 
Notes from each session, emailed to you directly.
From your coach and others in your group.

Our groups follow the same highly successful, proven 6 step coaching program we use with our individual clients – but at a fraction of the cost!

Group coaching gives you the added benefit of support and accountability from multiple sources, perspectives from people with different backgrounds in different industries, and objective advice from others going through the same thing you are. And you receive individual laser sessions as needed when you have an in depth issue you need specific attention with. Our group clients are always VERY satisfied with Hallie’s personal follow-up and availability.

People choose our groups not only because they are affordable but because they want to go through the process with others in the same boat and they understand that two heads are better than one-they want the additional advice from others. Think ahead one year Ė if you are still in the same job, will you be kicking yourself for not doing something about this? Donít jump from the frying pan into the fire! Make your career change the right one..

If you are frustrated or discouraged because your work is not bringing you a sense of satisfaction, then don't delay. Contact us to learn more and get started right away.

Here’s how to get started...

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"I've been through career coaching before, where I physically met with another coach off and on for a month. I've learned more about my career path in the last 6 group coaching calls than I ever did with individual coaching. I can't even compare the two." 
- Jennifer, Atlanta, GA

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