Ideal Career Workbook

Are you stuck in a job you don’t enjoy? Not sure which career direction to take? If you want to have a job you are passionate about, the good news is you can! Find your dream job using our proven, comprehensive 6 step program.

Our step by step coaching process, developed by certified career coach Hallie Crawford, is available as a 125 page workbook – at a fraction of the cost of individual coaching. This is the complete coaching program we use with all of our coaching clients.

Our success rate with clients is outstanding; over 95% of our clients clarify their career direction using our proven methodology.

Complete the workbook at your own pace, at a time that works for you. The workbook is built around our trademarked Ideal Career Model, which shows you the 8 things you must consider in order to determine your ideal career path. Each section has specific exercises and action steps to enable you to complete the career model, brainstorm new career ideas, and narrow them down to the right fit. It’s easy to follow and includes practical advice to show you how to find your ideal career path. You will:

  • Identify your career values
  • Clarify your talents and skills and how they translate into the right job
  • Determine your ideal work environment based on your personality type
  • Chart your course for making your next career move
  • Understand how to overcome the obstacles that could prevent you from making your dream job a reality

$75 gives you our complete, comprehensive coaching process we use with all of our clients at a fraction of the cost of individual coaching.

Purchase Now – $75

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Ideal Career Workbook
Ideal Career Workbook Testimonials

“I wouldn’t have this bright future if I had not gone through your course.” Dana

“Hallie’s coaching provides a valuable framework and tools needed to convert the possibility of a career change into actionable steps. I recommend Hallie’s services to anyone who is thinking about making a career change but not sure where to begin.” W.C. Britt, Atlanta, GA

“The most important thing I gained from this course was learning to dig deep and truly understand my motivations, wants, and needs in a career choice.” Jason Boggs, Atlanta GA

“Best money I ever spent. I got so much more than I paid. It changed my life.” -Vicki Trieglaff

“Hallie has assembled a top notch program. Her Ideal Career program enabled me to find a perfect match for my professional skills and interests. I highly recommend Hallie’s Ideal Career program to anyone seeking clarity and direction surrounding their career. Hallie and the program are five stars!” Ryan O’Connell, Nashville TN

“Hallie is a master of her subject. Her high level of insight and expertise allows her to help you see yourself from a completely new perspective, and her process enables you to put your finger on those items that are most important to you in a career. It feels great to finally have a clear direction that I can confidently pursue.” Damon Mills, Atlanta, GA

“The knowledge you gain is priceless…the results are spot on accurate. Worth every penny.”