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         MAPP Career Assessment Package
Hallie Crawford Career Coach

MAPP: Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential

MAPP is an extremely effective, easy to use career assessment that takes 20 minutes to complete online.

More than 96% of the over four million people who have taken The MAPP Career Assessment agree with the results and will use the results to guide their career.

MAPP identifies your natural talents and abilities, your motivations, the careers you'd be most likely to succeed in and much more. If you are trying to find out which jobs are the best fit for you, this assessment will help you get the answer.

The MAPP Assessment will help you:

  • Identify your natural talents and abilities
  • Pinpoint what work environment is the best fit for you
  • Clarify your motivations for work and likelihood for success in specific industries
  • Define the top 10 vocational areas that are the best fit for you
  • Find career fulfillment

The MAPP career assessment includes 71 questions. MAPP measures an individual’s potential and motivation for given areas of work, and describes their temperament, aptitude, vocational interests and learning style preferences. The MAPP technology classifies, codes and identifies every kind of job and every type of person.

When you purchase the MAPP Career Assessment Package from HallieCrawford.com, you receive:

  1. The most comprehensive report MAPP has to offer
  2. 25+ page assessment of your strengths and weaknesses, and career ideas
  3. Leadership Test
  4. Organizing Test
  5. Career Satisfaction Test
  6. Success Likelihood Test
  7. Teamwork Test
  8. A job match report against a database of O*Net jobs from the U.S. Department of Labor. This database consists of more than 1,000 job titles.
  9. One Hour Career Coaching Session with one of our coaches to review and interpret your results

If you need help identifying your ideal career path, this assessment is a great place to start!

Order your MAPP Assessment and One Hour Coaching Session today for ONLY $375!

MAPP Career Assessment Package

Testimonials about the MAPP Career Assessment:

"I took your assessment today and the results are incredible! With 71 questions you were really able to “see” who I am. I am really impressed. The results have really inspired me to pursue work that will enable me to utilize my best traits and skills rather than my professional training as an attorney. I have been floundering in my career and now I have more incentive to pursue more creative and humanistic work. Thanks a lot!" ~G. Woods

"I found my MAPP assessment very interesting and very accurate. I was just in the process of looking for a new job and I thought that it might help me identify qualities in the new job that I should look for. The personality traits that were identified in the assessment were exactly the qualities which lead me to quit my previous position. I was very impressed with the assessment and, if I look for another job in the future, I would consider purchasing some of the other services listed at your web site. " ~E. Winkler

"Thank you for the opportunity to do the MAPP match test. It trully has been the most insightful measure of self assessment I've ever done! Hallelujah! I can get to a career life/style from here. :) Thank you again for a giant let-in-on-knowing me." ~MAPP Member


Hallie Crawford Career Coach

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